2023 Hayden Beverage Company Picnics!

September 27, 2023

It has been a week full of fun-filled Hayden celebrations!

Last week was our North division’s company picnic! A day for everyone to bring their families and enjoy some quality time outside of work. The afternoon was spent with good food, cold drinks and the best people around! Thank you to everyone up North who spent time at the picnic, the executive and HR team from the South for attending, and the biggest thank you to Hayden Beverage for making sure that our work family (and our families) are celebrated as often as possible.

This last Sunday was the Southwest and East division’s turn – and wow, what a view and what a crew! We’re feeling extra lucky to have such a beautiful space to have spent the day with our family and friends during our annual company picnic. The drinks were ice cold, the food was delicious and the games were too fun! Not a bad day ‘in the office’ if we say so ourselves. Thank you so much to the HBC fam who made it out, to those who organized and volunteered for the event, and to the vendors who made the day extra special. We appreciate all of you!

And a huge thank you to Dodds for always finding ways to celebrate us, our families and our milestones.